Ken Vandermark - saxophones, clarinets
Mark Tokar - double bass
Klaus Kugel - drums

First trio cd ESCALATOR on
NotTwo Records
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[trio photo by Alena Nikolayevich]

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Concerts in 2018

September 24/25/26/27

October 22nd until November 4th
Germany and Poland
October 23/24/25 — available !!
October-26, Schorndorf,
Club Manufaktur (DE) (facebook) (ticket)
October-27, Weikersheim, Club W71 (DE)
October-28, Wroclaw, II Festival WROCloveUKRAINA (PL)
[Oct-29/30/31+Nov-01, concerts in POLAND]
November-02, Bonn, Kreuzung an Sankt Helena (DE)
November-03, Leer, Kulturspeicher (DE)
November-04, Jena, Jazzmeile / Café Wagner (DE)

Concerts in 2019
June/July - Europe tour

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The trio’s first cd ESCALATOR is listed two times in the TopTen of the 11th Annual Jazz Critics Poll 2017 [ - ] and in the 5th Annual NPR / Francis Davis Jazz Critics Poll Ballot [ 5th-annual-npr-francis-davis-jazz ]

past concerts 2018
February-22, Gdansk, Instytut Kultury Miejskiej (PL)
February-23, Torun, OdNowa Jazz Festival (PL)
February-24, Lodz, Ciagoty i Tesknoty (PL)

past concerts 2016
December-11, Lviv, Philarmonic Hall, festival „JazzBez“ (UA)
December-12, Kracow, Alchemia (PL) (cd recording)

April-29, Lublin, Centre for Culture (PL)
April-30, Wroclaw, festival „Jazz Nad Odra“ (PL)
May-01, Gdynia, Club Cyganeria (PL)
May-03, Vienna, Martinschlössl (AT)
May-05, Krakow, Alchemia (PL) (cd recording)

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Multi-reedist Ken Vandermark has been investigating cutting-edge improvisational strategies within a vast array of musical contexts for nearly 30 years now. He’s been a vital link between the Chicago and European improvising communities. In 1999, he was awarded the MacArthur prize for music.

"I've praised the qualities of both Kugel and Tokar before ... Both men are extremely precise instrumentalists with a shared musical vision of sculpting jazz into a more universal musical language." - Stef Gijssels, Freejazz-stef, Belgium

"Mark Tokar is a key figure in the ukrainian jazz scene" -, USA
"Tokar's larger-than-life tone and impeccable intonation is front-and-center ... " - John Vincent Barron,, USA

"Percussionist Klaus Kugel is a commanding force behind the drum set." - John Barron,, USA
"These three discs... show Kugel as a drummer whose nearly boundless energy and imagination cannot be confined by neat categories." - Ed Hazel, Signal To Noise, USA

booking: BE1TWO • Jimi Wunderlich • phone: +49-30-2944-9781 •

booking in Poland
Aleksandra Trzaska:

booking in Ukraine:
Mark Tokar: